The Most Popular Birthday Party Themes for Kids in 2020 – Fun Party Ideas and Best Trends for Boys and Girls!

What are the Best Birthday Themes for Kids in 2020?

The popularity of birthday party themes for boys and girls varies depending on what’s hot during the year!

Whether it’s a hot game like Fortnite, a fun movie like Frozen, or some other theme like DONUTS, there’s no shortage of great birthday party ideas for kids in 2020!

We’ve compiled several lists of the best children’s birthday party themes that will be popular this year, based on what people are searching for, what movies or sequels are coming out, or simply what’s new and novel!

Get ready to see what’s trending and learn about the most popular birthday themes for kids in 2020!

Fun and Popular Birthday Party Themes According to Ubersuggest and Google Trends in 2020

By using Neil Patel’s popular search volume tool Ubersuggest, we analyzed the search results of over 100 popular children’s birthday themes.

In addition to that, we looked at the trends for each birthday theme using Google Trends to get an idea of the overall trend or popularity of the particular theme over the past few years!

Note, search volumes were taken in February of 2020, so they may vary throughout the year due to seasonality and trends!

Top 15 Kid Birthday Party Themes in 2020!

#1  Fortnite Birthday Party

Fortnite has been the hottest game for the past two years, so it’s no surprise that it’s the most popular birthday party theme for 2020!

There’s a great variety of Fortnite party decorations and supplies available, along with lots of ideas for games, snacks and party favors!

If your kid loves playing Fortnite, then they will definitely want to check out our Fortnite party planning guide!

Monthly Searches: 12,000+

Google Trend: Strong

#2  Unicorn Birthday Party

Magical unicorn birthday parties were extremely popular in 2019 and show no sign of slowing down in 2020!

As we all know, unicorns have been around FOREVER, so there’s an unlimited variety of unicorn birthday party supplies to pick from!

If your daughter is really into unicorns, then you should check out our unicorn party ideas here!

Monthly Searches: 12,000+

Google Trend: Strong

#3  Gaming Birthday Party

Due to the popularity of video games, like Fortnite, gaming birthday parties will be extremely popular in 2020!

Whether the kids like to play on consoles like XBox 1, Playstation 4, or Nintendo Switch, or even on computers, tablets and smartphones, video games are fun and here to stay! Since that’s about all kids do nowadays, they might as well have a gaming themed birthday party too, right?!

If you’re looking for more video gaming party ideas, then our post for planning gaming parties is what you are looking for!

Monthly Searches: 8,100+

Google Trend: Strong

#4  Mermaid Birthday Party

Demand for mermaid birthday parties has been very steady, though it is more popular during the summer months!

Rest assured, you can find all kinds of mermaid party supplies with this popular birthday party theme!

Check out our mermaid party planning guide for everything you need to host a mermaid birthday party!

Monthly Searches: 3,600+

Google Trend: Strong but Seasonal

#5  Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

Mickey Mouse is a classic cartoon, and there has ALWAYS been demand for Mickey Mouse birthday parties!

Even though the interest in the theme appears to be declining, it still remains a very popular kid’s birthday theme with tons of party supplies to choose from!

Kick-start your Mickey Mouse birthday planning with our guide!

Monthly Searches: 2,900+

Google Trend: Steady but Declining

#6  Bowling Birthday Party

Bowling is a great birthday party theme because everyone loves to bowl! And even if you aren’t good at bowling, they can put the bumpers up to help you out!

It might be more popular in the winter months, but you can expect a great turnout if you decide to have a bowling birthday party this year!

Make sure you party is a strike by learning all about bowling birthday parties!

Monthly Searches: 2,900+

Google Trend: Steady but Seasonal

#7  Trolls Birthday Party

Trolls was a huge movie success in 2017! The Trolls birthday party theme was very popular that year, and has been steadily declining ever since!

Luckily, it’s still very popular and there is enough Trolls birthday party decorations and supplies to go around!

Get tons of ideas for all aspects of Trolls birthday parties here!

Monthly Searches: 2,400+

Google Trend: Declining

#8  Moana Birthday Party

Coinciding with the movie Moana, Moana birthday parties became very popular in late 2016 and early 2017!

You can find a great variety of Moana party supplies, include tableware, banners, tablecloths and more!

Don’t set sail with party planning without our Moana birthday party guide!

Monthly Searches: 2,400+

Google Trend: Declining

#9  PJ Masks Birthday Party

Popular ever since 2015, demand for PJ Masks birthday parties has been steady and strong!

How cute would it be seeing all of the kids are the party wearing the masks!!!

Be sure to check out our PJ Masks party planning guide to save yourself time!

Monthly Searches: 2,400+

Google Trend: Steady

#10  Lego Birthday Party

Lego birthday parties are probably only popular because of the Lego movies (not because kids like to play with them!).

Regardless, the Lego party theme has been following a steady trend, and will definitely peak with new Lego movies hit the theaters!

We’ve already compiled a great list of Lego party supplies and favors to start your planning!

Monthly Searches: 2,400+

Google Trend: Steady

#11  Frozen Birthday Party

When the movie Frozen hit the big screen in 2013, it quickly because the most popular kid’s birthday party theme for a solid two years!

And expect Frozen birthday parties to become super popular again late this year, and into 2020, because Frozen 2 is coming this November!

Get a jump start on your Frozen party planning here!

Monthly Searches: 2,400+

Google Trend: Steady

#12  LOL Surprise Birthday Party

LOL Surprise dolls and collectibles were the hottest Christmas product in 2017, and ever since then, LOL Surprise birthday parties are popular too!

Demand for LOL Surprise parties jumped in early 2020 and it is expected to be one of the hottest birthday themes this year!

This no laughing matter as we have you covered for LOL Surprise birthday party ideas!

Monthly Searches: 2,400+

Google Trend: Hot and Increasing

#13  Peppa Pig Birthday Party

As annoying as the cartoon can be at times, Peppa Pig appears to be here for the long haul!

Demand for Peppa Pig birthday parties has been steady for a very long time, so keep it in mind for your kid’s party!

Your kids will love these Peppa Pig party decorations!  Oink oink!

Monthly Searches: 1,900+

Google Trend: Steady

#14  Minecraft Birthday Party

The Minecraft game has been around since 2011, and it was extremely popular for birthday parties between 2013 and 2016.

Even though overall interest has declined, Minecraft birthday parties will be a common sight in 2020!

Start building your Minecraft party plans today!

Monthly Searches: 1,900+

Google Trend: Steady

#15  Jojo Siwa Birthday Party

Jojo Siwa is very popular with kids, and so are Jojo Siwa birthday parties!

Demand is pretty much at an all time high, so expect big things from this birthday theme in 2020!

Get our the bows and have an exciting Jojo Siwa themed birthday party for your little girl!

Monthly Searches: 1,900+

Google Trend: Hot and Increasing

Popular Birthday Party Themes from Movies in 2020

Birthday party trends track closely with the latest movie releases in a year!

New, rehashed or sequels are always a great way to get kids interested in a particular cartoon or movie theme, so it’s not a surprise that kids want those particular themes for their birthday parties too!

With that in mind, we expect these movie-themed birthday parties to be very popular in 2019 and into 2020!

#1  Frozen

Frozen II will be hitting theaters on November 22, 2019!

As you saw earlier, it’s already one of the most popular birthday themes to begin with, but with the movie release, it will move towards the top of the list by 2020!

#2  Dumbo

In theaters on March 29th of 2019, Dumbo will be a hit to a whole new generation of kids!

I would expect an increase in circus birthday parties too because of the movie, but a Dumbo parties will be commonplace in 2020!

#3  Secret Life of Pets

Secret Life of Pets 2 hits the movie theaters this summer, so don’t be surprised to see a lot of birthday parties with that theme then too!

Popular when the movie came out in 2016, the sequel is bound to be a hit with kids and birthday party planner alike!

#4  Dora the Explorer

A real live-action Dora the Explorer is coming to the big screen in August of 2019!

This new Dora the Explorer movie will definitely increase the interest in Dora the Explorer birthday parties!

#5  Sonic the Hedgehog

I used to play Sonic the Hedgehog when it first came out on Sega Genesis! But in November of 2019, I’ll be able to watch Sonic at the movie theaters!

Don’t be surprised to see a lot more Sonic the Hedgehog party supplies and birthday parties late this year and into 2020!

New and Trending Birthday Party Themes in 2020

Finally, but not least, these kid birthday party themes have seen huge increases in search traffic on Pinterest recently, so it’s worth mentioning them!

While the popularity of these themes might be increasing, I think it’s safe to say they their popularity is pretty low compared to all of the amazing birthday themes mentioned above!

Regardless, these are expected to be some of the fastest growing birthday themes in 2019, according to Pinterest!

#1  Number Cakes

According to Pinterest, searches for “number cakes” are up 314%, thus indicating that number-shaped cakes are being more popular in 2020!

While that might be nice to have a fancy number cake, I don’t know how that really contributes to the overall birthday theme?!

#2  Go On A Scavenger Hunt

Pinterest says that interest in the popular and competitive birthday party idea of “scavenger hunts” is increasing, with searches for “birthday scavenger hunt” up 302%!

There are a lot of ideas and games you can play around this theme, so that might make the activities a lot of fun for this kind of birthday party!

#3  Donuts

Who doesn’t love a good donut? Well, other than someone on Keto or some diet like that!

Kids are going nuts of donuts and “donut decor” searches are up a whopping 748%!

You can find all kinds of donut birthday party supplies, so keep this delicious birthday theme in mind this year!

Super Hot and Growing Kid Birthday Themes

#1  Sharks

Oh, I can’t get that do-do-do-dodo shark song out of my head!

And for whatever reason, the shark birthday party theme is super hot and trending now!

Hence, we think sharks will be pretty popular this year and children’s birthday parties!

#2  Llamas

Llamas have become super popular within the last year, but I’m not really sure why!  Possibly because of the Fortnite Loot Llama?!

But once something is popular, the kids latch on and now “llama birthday party” is really getting hot according to Google Trends!

And if people are searching for it, then that means they must want to throw a llama themed party in 2019!!!

Trending Birthday Party Themes for Children in 2020

Hopefully this post gave you some great ideas for kids’ birthday parties this year! I’m sure there will be some new additions to this list, and we’ll keep it updated, as the year progresses and new and exciting themes and memes get hot!

If you liked this, or know someone else that would enjoy it, please feel free to share it on social media! Remember, sharing is caring!

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