Mermaid Bedroom Decor – Magical Theme Ideas for Your Kid’s Room

Mermaid Themed Bedroom Ideas

Mermaid Bedroom Decor

If you’re looking for magical mermaid bedroom ideas, then you are in the right spot!

While a room makeover may seem imposing or expensive, you can find mermaid room and home decorations at many online retailers, such as and

One thing to consider early on is if there will be a feature wall or accent wall in the kids room. This could be done with wallpaper, a mural or any other features to highlight the wall. If there isn’t a focal point in the kid room, then it might be easier to spread the supporting mermaid decorations around, like a seashell, sea creatures and sea horses.

With so many options to pick from you won’t have any problem finding the perfect decorations and at the best prices available for mermaid decorations. So whether you are looking for bedding, curtains, all art, or anything else mermaid related, the easy way to get started is to review the mermaid bedroom decor ideas from this post!

Mermaid Home and Bedroom Ideas

Mermaids have always been popular with little girls! They grab your imagination and take your mind to a mystical place where anything is possible, which is one of the greatest things about being a kid!

Unlike many other fads, themes and memes that come and go, mermaids have stood the test of time and will always grab the attention of young girls and their friends!

Hence, furnishing a kids bedroom with mermaid decorations is a no-brainer and will make you the best parent ever!

What I’ve done in this post will make your job of finding mermaid room ideas, and products, to make your little girl’s wishes come true a breeze! You will be amazed at the variety and selection of mermaid products that are available and can be shipped to you quickly at the affordable prices!

At a minimum, I will show you great options for mermaid home and bedroom decorations, which can be found at and!

Mermaid Bedding

If the bed size is twin, full or queen, there are many options available for mermaid sheets, bedding sets and comforters!

Buying a complete bedding set is usually the easiest thing to do as you will have matching sheets, comforter and pillow covers! And typically you can buy them in different sizes too, so be sure to know what size you need before buying your mermaid bedding!

You will also want to know what mermaid color theme you want! Usually, different shades of purple, pink, light blue or white are the dominate colors, or maybe you want the mermaid scales look!

With so many decisions to make, you can get a great idea of the available mermaid bed sets from these pictures!

Mermaid Blankets

If you’re looking for mermaid themed blankets, then there are many options available for those too!

Blankets are great for keeping warm during the winter months, and they are easy for your little mermaid to carry them around the house!

The mermaid tail blankets are super cool, though you don’t want your daughter trying to walk in one of those!

Mermaid Pillows and Pillow Cases

Mermaid pillows, cushions and pillow cases are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

There are mermaid bed pillows, mermaid throw pillows, and even a mermaid pillow with sequins to make the fish scale look real!

Whatever your imagination is looking for, there’s bound to be the perfect mermaid pillow case out there!

But to help you out, we’ve listed some of our favorite ones below!

Mermaid Curtains

Keep the sunlight out of your daughter’s bedroom with stylish mermaid curtains!

There are many styles of mermaid curtains, so you should easily be able to match the color and style of your other mermaid decor!

Fish scale, mystical colors, or ones that are lilac, purple, teal and aqua curtain designs can be found at popular online retailers like

Mermaid Rugs

Like other mermaid decorations, there are lots of colors, shapes and textures for mermaid rugs.

These mermaid rugs are a great addition to rooms have hardwood floors or ceramic tile, which can get cold at time.

So whether you are looking for a 5′ x 7′ rug, or one shaped like a mermaid tail, you will find some great examples below!

Mermaid Wall Art and Decorations

Mermaid wall art and decorations are composed of a variety of unique designs and styles.

You can find mermaid decals, metal and painted mermaid wall art pieces, posters, or you can even have a set of three different mermaid wall hangings to accent your child’s bedroom wall decor.

So if you’re looking for something traditional, fancy, or maybe rustic looking, you can find the perfect mermaid wall decor from those listed here.

Mermaid Picture Frames

Mermaid picture frames are the perfect item for a desk or dresser.

They come with textured designs, fish scale designs, or sometimes just printed on mermaid designs to hold your favorite family or beach picture! There are even little mermaid ones!

Check our some of our favorite ones below!

Mermaid Statues

Add a 3D decoration to your daughter’s room with the perfect mermaid statue!

Beautiful, decorative, and some with lots of fine detail, mermaid statues come in many design, poses and materials. So whether you want to sit it on a desk or a shelf on the wall, their are so many to pick from.

Here’s a small teaser of what’s available online!

Mermaid Lamps

Light up the bedroom with an eloquent mermaid lamp!

While there are many of the plexiglass mermaid designs with color controls, you can find fancier mermaid lamps to carry the mermaid theme throughout the entire room. Kids love these kinds of lamps and they are very easy to control and change to their favorite color, like purple!

Which one of these lamps would your daughter like the most?

Mermaid Nightlights, Projectors and Wall Plate Covers

Your daughter will sleep tight at night with the perfect mermaid nightlight in her room!

Or if she wants the mermaids on the ceiling then there are a variety of mermaid projectors to shine a little light during the night.

To complete the room, a mermaid scale wall plate cover can be added to the outlets and switches in the room!

Mermaid Light and Fan Pull Chains

It’s easy to control the ceiling light or ceiling fan controls with a decorative mermaid fan pull chain!

There are so many designs, colors and textures to choose from that there has to be one that matches ther mermaid themed colors and styles.

Mermaid Name Signs and Decals

Add a personalized touch to the mermaid themed bedroom with a custom name mermaid wall decal!

Wall decals are easy to apply, and can be removed quickly too using a hair dryer, so don’t worry about it damaging the wall later on.

If you’re looking for a wood, metal or plastic, personalized mermaid sign, then those are available too to hang on the wall, sit on a desk, or hang on the door handle!

Mermaid Clocks

One final mermaid decoration to complete the room would be a mermaid clock!

I know, with all of the electronics and smart devices out there, not very many people use wall clocks, but I think that would make a great addition to any kid’s room!

Mermaid Decorations for Kid’s Room

I hope this post gave you a lot of ideas and suggestions for decorations for your kid’s mermaid room! There are so many options, colors and styles to pick from, so it makes it both easy and difficult to choose the perfect mermaid decor and styles.

Note, if you’re in the market for anything else mermaid related, like party supplies, school supplies, bathroom, living room, clothing or swimwear, then be sure to check out our other posts.

If you found this post helpful, I would greatly appreciate it if you shared it on social media!

Or if you could leave a comment or question below, then that would let us know what’s missing or what’s good about this mermaid bedroom ideas post! Thanks!

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