25+ Best Fortnite School Backpacks for Kids – Back-To-School Bags for Boys and Girls

Fortnite School Backpacks for Kids

Are you having a hard time finding Fortnite school backpacks in the store?

That’s probably because there are very few options for officially licensed Fortnite backpacks, so you will have to look hard online to find the perfect Fortnite backpack for your child!

Whether you are looking for a Fortnite backpack for a boy, or a girl, or maybe one of those Fortnite drawstring bags, there are many options available with Fortnite logos, skins and memes on them!

To help make your job easier, we’ve listed some of the best Fortnite school backpacks for kids!

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Fortnite Backpacks at Target?

Target.com has a great selection of Fortnite merchandise, including Fortnite school backpacks! Many of them even have matching Fortnite lunch boxes too!

Just click on an image if you would like to see pricing and availability!


fortnite checkered dances backpack
fortnite iridescent backpack
fortnite rainbow dances backpack

Fortnite School Backpacks for Boys

Last updated on September 9, 2021 12:33 PM

Fortnite Backpacks for Girls

Fortnite Drawstring Bags

Did You Find a Fortnite Backpack on Amazon?

The variety of designs and options for Fortnite backpacks is very dynamic, so if you see something you like, then you are better off picking it up sooner than later, because you simply don’t know how long it will be available!

You don’t have to wait until summer to pick up a new Fortnite backpack for school, so find one for your child today on Amazon.com.

Does Walmart Have Fortnite Backpacks?

Walmart.com is becoming more and more like Amazon.com where they are allowing just about any third party company to sell their products online.

With that said, there may be some foreign companies marketing and selling Fortnite backpacks on Walmart’s website, so it’s definitely worth looking into if you can’t find a backpack anywhere else!

  1. Hi,
    Why does shipping take so long on these Fortnite backpacks? School is only a few weeks away! I thought most products sold on Amazon shipped quickly?

    • Hi Teresa,

      I suspect that the longer shipping times is because the sellers (private companies or individuals) are drop shipping the products from somewhere other than an Amazon warehouse in the US.

      Amazon.com offers a variety of options for companies to sell their products through the Amazon website, such as Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM).

      Hence, you place the order with Amazon, the merchant is notified, and they send you the product, most likely from somewhere in Asia.

      Fortunately, some of them offer expedited shipping, so you can get your Fortnight backpack even quicker!


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