21+ Best Fortnite Pajama Sets for Boys and Girls – Youth and Adult Sizes!

Fortnite Pajama Sets – Battle Royale Sleepwear!

After playing countless hours of Fortnite every single day, there’s a good chance you or your child might dream about Fortnite at night too!

So you might as well help the Fortnite dreams out by sleeping in some Fortnite pajamas!

With a variety of Fortnite logos and sayings available on the short or long sleeve t-shirts, and matching pants, there’s a bound to be a Fortnite pajama set that matches your favorite Fortnite dance, skin or meme from the game!

And to make things even better, there are pajamas in both youth and adult sizes, you know, for the “big” kids!

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Fortnite Pajamas for Kids

There’s a great selection of kids Fortnite pajamas for boys and girls available on Amazon.com!

Most of the pajamas sets come with both a shirt, short or long sleeves, and pants or shorts!

Here are some of the unique pajamas designs and themes to choose from!

Fortnite Pajamas for Boys

Fortnite Pajamas for Girls

Fortnite Pajamas for Adults

We all know about those “big kids” that are still playing games like Fortnite, so we should remember they need pajamas to sleep in too!

There are several options for Fortnite pajamas for men to pick from on Amazon, so be sure to get a set for that special gamer in your house!

Fortnite Pajama Onesies for Adults

Fortnite Pajamas with Shorts and T-Shirt

Floss Dance Pajamas Sets

Santa and Elf Floss Dance Shirts for Men and Women

Santa Floss Pajamas Sweatshirts


Fortnite Pajamas at Walmart

When we wrote this post, there were a few Fortnite pajamas sets available at Walmart.com.

The selection was very limited, and most were only for kids, but if you prefer to shop at Walmart, then you might some luck finding some Fortnite PJs there!

Fortnite Pajamas at Target

We were very excited to see that Target.com has been carrying a great selection of Fortnite merchandise, including Fortnite PJs!

We’ve listed 3 of the Fortnite pajama sets available at Target.com below, but be sure to visit the site to see many more Fortnite pajamas sets!

Just click on an image if you would like to see pricing and availability!

Fortnite Sleepwear

All of those Fortnite theme pajamas are awesome! Your spouse or child will love to get one of them as a birthday or Christmas present!

And if one of those doesn’t appeal to you, then you can always browse the new Fortnite apparel and sleepwear offerings over at Amazon.com to see what’s new and hot!

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Fortnite Pajamas in the UK


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