13+ Fortnite Lunch Boxes for Boys – School Lunch Boxes and Lunch Bags for Fortnite Gamers!

Fortnite Lunch Boxes for School

School is right around the corner, or has maybe even started in some parts of the country. There’s nothing cooler than going back to school with one of the hottest looking Fortnite lunch boxes for boys!

I guess I must be old fashion calling them lunch boxes, as nowadays they all appear to be called lunch bags, lunch pail, lunch tote bags and picnic boxes.

Regardless of what to call it, they all function the same.

  1. You open them up
  2. You put your food and drinks in them
  3. You seal them up, usually with a zipper.

The neoprene material claims to be waterproof, so that accidental spill or leak from a drink, soup or fruit cup won’t leak out and ruin anything!

There’s a great selection of Fortnite lunch bags to choose from, so there’s a good chance you will find one with your favorite character, background or llama on it!


To help you check an item off of that back-to-school list, we’ve listed our favorite Fortnite lunch bags below!

Fortnite Lunch Boxes at Target

Target is one of the few retailers carrying officially licensed Fortnite merchandise, and they have a great selection of Fortnite school lunch boxes and bags!

Here are four awesome Fortnite lunch bags available at Target.com right now, and most have a matching Fortnite school backpack too!

Just click on an image if you would like to see pricing and availability!

fortnite loot llama lunch bag
fortnite checkered emote lunch box
fortnite amplify emote lunch box
fortnite black dance lunch box

Fortnite Lunch Bags for Boys and Girls

Fortnite Insulated Lunch Bags

These few Fortnite lunch bags are just a teaser of all of the options available at Amazon.com right now!

These will definitely be a popular item this year, so don’t wait long to get one!

Be sure to check out other great Fortnite back-to-school items, such as backpacks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, popsockets, pencil cases, and so much more!

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